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Elaborate Steps to Learning the Art of Origami

Origami is an ancient art, but it is still practiced in the modern days. Origami remains one of the oldest arts in practice in the modern times, yet a lot of people do not know it. Origami might appear complicated but with guidance and frequent practice, you can master how to fold various things that you can imagine. While others might do origami for recreational purpose, others use it for decoration because the shapes can make a house beautiful. It takes a few steps to learn origami, and this article highlights some of the things you should do in the process.

Choose the right paper – There are different papers for origami, and if you want to make the best shapes, the secret lies in the choice of paper. The paper is an integral element when making origami designs. Amateur artists should select light papers which fold quickly and simple to rectify in case you make a mistake. Thick papers are suitable for those who have perfected their origami skills as they know how to handle them to create excellent origami designs. The papers have a wide range of colors which you can select depending on the object you want to make and your preferences. If you intend to use origami for decoration, then you should be conscious of your choice of colors.

Learn from the internet and other tutorials – The internet is resourceful, and it contains almost any information that you might need. While you can get books that teach about origami, videos are the best tutorial because you see how it is done. Written materials about origami might not be helpful because origami is best taught practically. The best way to learn on the internet is to access video tutorial on origami. Following the step by step demonstrations on the videos is easy.

Practice to master the basics – There simple designs and advanced designs of origami, and as a beginner, you should start with the basic designs. Many people get discouraged about learning origami because they started with intricate designs which could be confusing for beginners. It might take about 11 folds to make a simple origami design, and that is manageable for most beginners. Just like learning any other activity, practice makes perfect, and you must find time to do it. Basic designs might include origami box, origami plane, origami boat and origami parrot. Although the advanced models are a bit complex, through regular practice you will master them. It is quite challenging to make advanced origami designs, but through patience and keen learning, you can know them within a short time. As you begin, you might find it sophisticated, but through patience and persistence, you will learn one after another and the advanced origami designs might have up to 18 folds.

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